Private 1-2-1 Energy Healing, Cacao Ceremony and Sound Alchemy Immersions - Pura Vida Your Life

Private 1-2-1 Energy Healing, Cacao Ceremony and Sound Alchemy Immersions

Held at The Homestead in Northamptonshire, or at your home

Exchange £144 per person

Join Geet Fateh Kaur, Medicine Woman, Shamanic Practitioner, Energy Healer & Sound Alchemist for an intimate Healing Ceremony. Working with the beautiful healing modalities of Ceremonial Cacao, Quantum Healing Energy, Sacred Shamanic Drum and Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.

Sacred Ceremonial Cacao is a beautiful, gentle, heart healing medicine that can help bring clarity where we are feeling unclear, focus where we are feeling scattered and clearing where we are stagnated and stuck. This medicine helps us access realms that are often unavailable to us when we are too caught up in the head and enables connection with the subconscious realms where deep seated healing can take place. With Cacao we drop down from the head into the heart where we can navigate with feeling instead of thought. Cacao helps disperse any blockages around the heart and coupled with the vibrations from the healing sounds we experience healing at a cellular level to rebalance the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Cacao is an incredibly gentle, heart opening plant medicine that encourages us to open, soften, release, and heal. It can enable a space that quietens the noise so that we’re able to listen to our own inner guidance more clearly. Cacao contains a high concentration of antioxidants, is rich in minerals and the active ingredient Theobromine acts as a mild stimulant and mood enhancer.

This intimate healing ceremony will give us the space and time to tune into the stillness within to connect to our deepest intuition, release any blockages that may be present, bring clarity to any areas that need our attention and help us enjoy a deep sense of peace and well-being.

Sound Healing is energy medicine; processing of emotions, restore a sense of calm, improve digestion, enhance life’s pleasures, detoxify and strengthen our organs, and so much more…

Energy and Sound Therapy is deeply relaxing and profoundly therapeutic for your mind, body, and soul. The vibrational frequencies enter deep within the body and work at a cellular level to restore balance and enhance a greater state of wellbeing.

Helping you to improve your health and wellbeing, getting rid of those niggling aches and pains. Reduce your stress levels and anxiety, helping you to sleep better, elevate your mood and develop a deeper connection to you in a more natural and balanced state.

Good Morning🙏🏽 I am so in awe of what you do, Today I have woken up feeling renewed vibrant and light. The heavy weight I had been carrying around for so long inside of me has gone! For the first time, I feel free Im so in awe that I can breath through both nostrils, my lungs feel empty💖 I thankyou again what you have done for me no words can deeply express how I feel for what you did that day, the support and love you gave as I beared my life and soul out In Front of you. Your an amazing awesome beautiful person! I love you and I thank you 💖🙏🏽 Thanks.. Xxx

Good morning. I slept really heavy and woke refreshed.I know I had some vivid dreams but I couldn’t remember them when I woke up. Feeling quite light and calm 😊 Thank you again 🙏🏻

Good morning and thank you for your lovely message.

I slept well and have quite a nice feeling of calmness that has stayed with me from last night. I had some minor discomfort in my upper right leg last night and a pain in my hip this morning, but both came and went quite quickly.

My day started at 7am taking the dog for a walk through the village and then some work.

Your reflections on how busy life can be and how we can allow ourselves to be influenced by the artificial construct of time has stayed with me and I suspect will continue to be a source of thought and reflection.

Thank you again for a very powerful experience, beautiful food and interesting and thought provoking conversation.

Thank you

These bespoke, private sessions are for between 1 and 4 people.

The experience lasts around 3 hrs, and includes:

  • Warm welcome and an open chat about what is currently challenging you
  • Intention setting
  • A heart opening cup ceremonial cacao drank in a beautiful sacred ritual ceremony
  • A deeply grounding meditation to help you to completely relax
  • A Sacred drum journeying to help you to release blocked emotions and trauma and access you power and wisdom
  • An Alchemy Sound Healing Immersion with the Angelic Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls
  • Enjoy a plant-based meal and integration chat
  • And Geet Fateh will follow-up with you on the days after your healing ceremony

For those in need of rest, suitable for complete beginners but sadly not during the first trimester of pregnancy. Or if you have a pacemaker or suffer from epilepsy. And if you wear hearing aid, please turn them off during the Sound Immersion.

These are so very special sessions and this is where we can go as deep as YOU want to go, and we focus on YOU.

Tackling anxiety, depression, PTSD, lack of sleep, a disconnection with who you are and life. Overcoming trauma, grief or loss. Or as a beautiful relaxation session.

There is availability on weekdays evenings and weekends. Sessions usually start at 10am, 2pm or 6pm however there is flexibility around this so please contact Geet Fateh for more details.

The exchange is £144 per person, per session and booking is secured once payment is made.

Book directly with Geet Fateh


or text/WhatsApp on 07736167450

The experience creates a deep sense of wellbeing and promotes healing, returning the body’s own vibrations to their natural state. Fully centred, in alignment and in wholeness.


Living a ‘Pura Vida’ life is about creating balance, alignment, harmony, and nourishment in all aspects of our being; mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and energetically. Achieving this will lead you to greater health, happiness, and wellbeing.

Any questions, please feel free to ask.

I’m looking forward to welcoming you.

In love & gratitude… Geet Fateh Xxx

About your facilitator:

Here’s me Geet Fateh Kaur and Pura Vida Your Life, what I do today is a world away from the 27 years I spent working in Human Resources in the Corporate world and building my own HR Consultancy.

I have been on quite a journey to get here – the story of me - growing up in the 70’s with not a lot of money, trying to find employment in the 80’s, being a teenage mum in the 80’s, being a single mum in the 90’s, building a career in the 00’s… leaving the corporate world and a successful HR Career to HR Director for a Global Company, to start out on my own in HR and then leaving all that behind me to stand in my truth today as a Medicine Woman, Shamanic Practitioner, Energy Healer & Sound Alchemist (yes, this is my actual ‘job’) This is ME!

All of this brought failures and successes… I’ve lived in poverty, and I’ve lived in prosperity… I’ve been married and divorced in my early 20’s, lost two babies in two ectopic pregnancies in my early 20’s, gone through IVF treatment in desperation for more children, loved with all of my heart, been cheated on, had failed relationships, had my car repossessed, fallen into debt and almost had my home repossessed twice…. I thought all of that broke me.

BUT it made me, none of that made me a lesser person - it made me human…. I’ve struggled, I’ve been blocked, bullied, abused, traumatised, broken, heartbroken, challenged by adversity, I’ve been to my own version of hell….

And dragged myself out of the darkness of anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts and plans to end it all, stamped out addictions to over consume food, alcohol, drugs, and material objects, damaging decisions and broken habits that kept me prisoner in a self-fulfilling prophecy of self-loathing, and silencing the all-consuming thoughts that enslaved me into suffering and turmoil.

This is why I AM, and who I AM today, all these ‘experiences’ - the story of me - means that I understand YOU, I totally empathise with what YOU’RE going through or have gone through... I get YOU… I SEE YOU, I HEAR YOU, I FEEL YOU.

This is why it’s such a joy to welcome beautiful souls to my offerings in Coventry & Warwickshire and across the UK for Group and 1-2-1 sessions and ceremonies..

It’s an honour to be in-service and of-service, to help people to turn a corner and transform their lives. This is why I pour so much love, care, and attention for each person in all of my offerings.

Read more about my journey here

Pura Vida!

In love and gratitude… Geet Fateh Xxx